The Twilight Zone came out last month for The Pinball Arcade and fans were wondering what their next pin would be. Well, wait no more! Cause they just posted pictures of their next machine that's boldy going where no other pinball app has gone before.

Star Trek: The Next Generation came out November, 1993 and has become one of the most popular pins for casual fans and collectors. The goal of this "widebody" pin is to complete missions in order to get to the final mission called 'The Final Frontier'. It's the third Star Trek pin to be released, following the 1979 Bally and 1991 Data East games.

This pin is a lot of fun and Star Trek fans who aren't into pinball may actually download this one just to get a fix of the crew of the Enterprise. The game includes voice clips by the cast and even 'Q', the popular Picard nemesis, makes an appearance. The game just came out, so download it now! Check out the screenshots they posted on their Facebook page. Looks great!