The latest additions to The Pinball Arcade family are ones you're going to want to download right away!

Attack From Mars came out in 1995. It was designed by Brian Eddy, who also did Medieval Madness. This pin is a lot of fun, with a moving flying saucer, aliens and even a strobe light. The rule set is pretty easy, so even beginners can jump right in. No, the game was inspired by the movie Attack From Mars. That film actually came out a year later.

The next pin is Genie, a wide-body table that came out in 1979. It's one of the most popular early pins, proven by the 6,800 machines that were produced. It has a really colorful and bright playfield, five flippers, and a mini-playfield in the upper left corner.

The games are sold separately but you'll wanna just buy the pack for $4.99. They've also added a Pro Version of Medieval Madness as their Game of the Month.

Grab The Pinball Arcade now for your iPhone & iPad! It's also available on Google Play.