The new Star Trek video game from Namco Bandai introduces one of the franchise's classic alien races into the J.J. Abrams universe.

On the original Star Trek television show, the Enterprise crew encountered a lizard/dinosaur race known as the Gorn. The aliens only appeared in one episode, but have been a fan-favorite for years. Now, decades later, the Gorn are set to return with a new look in the all-new Star Trek video game based on J.J. Abrams' reboot of the series.

Little was known about the Gorn before, but in the upcoming game the alien race is a major threat to the Federation. There's a whole variety of new monsters being created to flesh out the species, including various types of Gorn with different battle abilities. There are even going to be female Gorn included for the very first time, though we doubt Captain Kirk will try to sleep with one. Then again, you never know with that guy.

You can check out a trailer of the Gorn in action, and let us know if you'll be boldly going to the game store to pick up Star Trek when it arrives on April 26th.