A brand new developer diary video has been released for Lords of the Fallen, the upcoming action-roleplaying game that pits a criminal against a fallen god.

The developers from CI Games and Deck 13 run us through the design choices that went into Lords of the Fallen and how they've tried to shape the experiences in the game so that players would be challenged but also rewarded. One of the important facets of the boss battles is that players can use the core battle mechanics that they've used on normal enemies on the bosses as well.

To keep players going through the game and gaining experience, Lords of the Fallen offers plenty of chances to grind, take part in special "occasions" during which they can reap more experience and collect new loot and gear.

One of the cool things is that Harkyn, the protagonist who also happens to be a horrible criminal, will get to roam around the human realm in the beginning, gets sent into a demonic realm and then returns with the knowledge of how to fight the fallen god.

Watch the video above and await the release of Lords of the Fallen on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Oct. 28, 2014.

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