Carol Ferris, the Purple Lantern Corps member known as Star Sapphire, is the newest character to be added in the multiplayer online battle arena title, Infinite Crisis.

Star Sapphire's character profile in Infinite Crisis shows a breakdown of how she'll be serving her loving form of justice on the streets. A drastic change from our last profiled character, Superman, Star Sapphire has an invisible, incorporeal predator that seeks out its enemies and distracts them for her while she remains at a far distance.

Star's attacks revolve around throwing area-of-effect spells and debuffs to enemies within range of her incorporeal predator. Her Bonds of Love attack chains two enemies and slaps them together, regardless of how far apart they are on the screen. Her ultimate attack brings her monster to life out of its ethereal state and allows it to physically attack enemies while still getting a ton of support fire from the Purple Lantern.

Star Sapphire is expecting to be spreading the purple power of love on Feb. 26. Infinite Crisis is currently in beta, and you can sign up here at the official website.