The remake of Final Fantasy 10/10-2 is coming out later this year, and now we've gotten our first look at the updated graphics featuring Yunk, Riku, and Paine.

The off-shoot starring the summoner Yuna was a quirky title that had the leading ladies traveling the world uncovering the secret's of Spira's history. It was a very different game than Final Fantasy fans were used to, as it introduced a new garment-based mechanic that endowed the characters with special abilities based on what they were wearing. The traditional leveling system was also eschewed in favor of pre-determined skill advancement.

The screens below show just what to expect from the revamped look of the game, but do little in the way of showing any real action. Since we already know what kind of game FF10-2 is, that isn't really a big deal. You can check out the images, and let us know what you think of the remastered classic in the comments.