The eagle eyes over at NeoGAF have noticed a peculiar new trademark filed by JRPG giant Square-Enix. The filing is for the title The Mad & The Monstrous and NeoGAF user miladesn has been nice enough to even include a picture of the filing.

What other info do we have about The Mad & The Monstrous? Nothing. Absolutely nothing, but NeoGAF and the rest of the gaming world has wasted no time speculating. Some think that the game is some sort of quirky new Earthbound style semi-parody JRPG. Others think that it might be something more along the lines of a dedicated horror RPG. Still others thing it will be your typical JRPG faire with a title that has absolutely nothing to do with the gameplay.

What is obvious is that this title is likely being developed by Square’s internal team, which hasn’t done much except for Final Fantasy these past few years. Makes you wonder, what surprises does Square have up its sleeve? Perhaps this is the big E3 announcement that Square-Enix told us to look forward to at the PS4 event?