Nintendo's newest IP, Splatoon, turns paintball into paint-hosing in this E3 2014 trailer.

Say hello to Splatoon, Nintendo's 4-on-4, multiplayer shooter. The Big N built this game from the ground-up with its peculiar, competitive painting mechanics at the forefront. The company has decided to focus on creating the core gameplay of the game first with the creation of its characters afterwards in order to make what would be the most appropriate for Splatoon's unique mechanics. As a result, Splatoon is filled with characters with Super Soaker-like guns that shoot paint. The players in Splatoon can transform back and forth between a human and a squid. As a cephalopod, they can dive into the paint spread throughout the level to reach new areas. Splatoon encourages you to shoot enemy players, but it also wants you to paint as much of the map that you can.

The Wii U's GamePad allows you to see how much of the map is coated, putting strategy into play as to where you should paint and where you should aim your special attacks, such as an ink-bomb that coats a large area of the map.

Be ready to grab some friends and get your ink-on when Splatoon launches in the first half of 2015 exclusively for Wii U.