The greatest mud physics in the history of gaming helped Spintires hit the 100,000 units sold milestone and it has a lot more content on the way.

Oovee Games Studios has announced that its off-road trucking simulator, Spintires, has shipped over 100,000 units, including both physical and digital versions of the title, as of June 30. The British studio has also announced that there are going to be free updates and downloadable content on the way for its diesel-powered mudslinger. For those who haven't checked it out yet, Spintires if an off-road trucking game with some amazing dirt and tire physics.

"The success of Spintires has been prolific! I am very proud that my company and my team have fulfilled the wishes of many - by producing a game for the off-roading genre. Clearly this muddy adventure was a good choice and we will endeavour to improve the platform with free updates and DLC," said Zane Saxton, managing director of Oovee Game Studio.

Unfortunately, Oovee Games has yet to say what to expect in future content (we're guessing more trucks and even muddier environments), or any type of launch window. Only time will tell what will get us stuck in the mud again.