Leaked documents from Insomniac Games suggest a 'Spider-Verse' game is in development.

The games studio, which produced 'Spider-Man', 'Spider-Man: Miles Morales' and 'Spider-Man 2', was victim to a ransomware attack earlier this week which saw plenty of sensitive files fall into the hands of hackers.

As well as employee information and new images of Marvel's 'Wolverine', the hack also revealed some additional projects the studio has been working on, including 'RCE' 'Spider-Man 3' and 'Spider-Verse', which will likely take inspiration from the animated movies of the same name.

After it came to light that the studio had suffered a breach, Sony shared a statement with Eurogamer, where the Japanese tech juggernaut said they were "currently investigating" the situation.

The statement read: "We are aware of reports that Insomniac Games has been the victim of a cyber security attack. We are currently investigating this situation. We have no reason to believe that any other SIE [Sony Interactive Entertainment] or Sony divisions have been impacted.”

The hacker group Rhysida claimed responsibility for the leaks, and demanded that Insomniac had to made an undisclosed payment within a week, or else they will leak the data, while they are threatening to sell the data online.

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