Everyone loves blasting alien scum, and now you can with Space Shooter Blitz, a frantic new shoot 'em up from Frima Studios that you can download for free!

Play as Commander P. Jefferson in the USS Eradicator as you shoot aliens, earn power-ups and create havoc in the galaxy. We recently previewed this title and it looks like it's a lot of fun. Here are some of the game's features straight from the App Store:

- 5 random bosses and 5 unique bosses
- 7 power-ups and in-game lootable upgrades
- 30 achievements
- A complete crossplatform experience via other mobile devices and Facebook!
- Weekly leaderboards
- The infinite opportunity to show your friends who's boss!

It's a small download at 39.7 MB, so what are you waiting for? Pick it up for your iPhone & iPad.