The teams at Obsidian Entertainment and Parker-Stone Studios are hard at work trying trying to add last minute bits of satire and retro role-playing game mechanics into South Park: The Stick of Truth. Both studios have been going through a Kenny-amount of punishment in order to make The Stick of Truth look and feel like the show as much as possible.

Obsidian Entertainment is known for its success in making sequels for licensed properties, such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Fallout: New Vegas, which would make them taking up 'South Park' one Hankey of a task. Luckily, Matt Stone, Trey Parker and the team at Parker-Stone Studios are willing to help make The Stick of Truth live up to our expectations, no matter how absurd they might be (please include Mecha-Streisand and Cthulhu).

In this recent behind the scenes video, the duo behind 'South Park' specifically sought out development companies in order to make The Stick of Truth happen. Based on current gen technology, Parker and Stone wanted to make sure that the development team of the game had the capabilities to make The Stick of Truth look as accurate and true to the show as possible. The voices of Cartman and the boys go on to explain that while titles revolve around becoming stronger, such as Infamous' focus on growth with lightning powers, The Stick of Truth is oriented towards the power of farts and using the analog sticks to simulate random acts of flatulence.

Be ready for Butters the Paladin, Princess Kenny and the rest of the boys when South Park: The Stick of Truth comes out on March 4 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.