A demo of Soul Sacrifice, the eagerly awaited PS Vita release from acclaimed developer Keiji Inafune, is now available on PlayStation Network. Gamers will be treated to the first chapter of the game!

A PlayStation blog features comments from Inafune on why the demo has tons of content. "We knew that cutting out a small section of the game and saying, 'Isn't this part fun?' would not show the users the full potential of the game," said Inafune. "We figured that it wouldn't make sense if the users could not have the 'I want to play more' feeling."

One huge reason to check out the demo is that the save data can be carried over to the full game. Plus, if gamers actually do carry over the data, they will receive a bonus item named Spirits Heart. The added item will summon a stone golem to help you do your fighting!

The multi-player and single player online features for the demo will end on April 30th, the day when Soul Sacrifice is released.

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