Sony has shipped 54.8 million PlayStation 5 (PS5) consoles worldwide.

In the Japanese company’s recent financial release, Sony revealed that an impressive 54.8 million PS5s have been shipped worldwide since its launch in November 2020.

In Q3 (Quarter 3) of FY23 (Fiscal Year 2023) alone, 8.2 million units were shipped, meaning the company had seen a year-on-year increase of over 1.1 million units sold.

The report also revealed that during that same period, more than 89 million games were sold across the PS5 and the previous generation console, the PlayStation 4.

Although the company is dominant in the market, Sony revealed that they expected sales to decrease in the future.

The report read: “Sales are expected to be lower than the November forecast, mainly due to an expected decrease in sales ofhardware resulting from lower unit sales, partially offset by the impact of foreign exchange rates and an expectedincrease in sales of non-first-party titles including add-on content.”

Despite the expected sales drop, Sony is still the market leader, with it being reported that the company has shipped nearly double that of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S consoles, and is clear of the rival Nintendo Switch, which is rumoured to be getting an updated device in the near future.

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