Sonic Jump, the old port of a Java game that came out years ago, was a nice little hit for Sega when it came out for iOS a few weeks ago. Now a new update gives gamers more content and a brand new character to play.

With the new 1.1 update, players can now unlock Amy when they reach level 25. Amy has her own unique abilities and it's cool to see new characters in the update. Now you have even more ways to play after unlocking Tails and Knuckles.

They also added 12 new story levels in the Blue Sky Zone, including a new level in Arcade Mode. There's also a global challenge with other players to reach the Moon and unlock a new in-game character! They also added new music, new unlockable wallpapers and there are a couple more surprises that gamers will have to discover on their own.

It's a great update and Sonic Jump is a title we liked. Click to pick it up now for your iPhone & iPad.