FC Barcelona has announced the first video game platform in the world created by a sports club.

The Spanish soccer team have joined forces with Mas Ros Media and FireSPORTS to develop Barca Games, which will go live in 2024.

FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta said in speech: "The creation of the Barca Games platform is a reply to the club’s wish to continue to be leading in terms of new opportunities and to aid the construction of the Digital Espai Barca, bringing together in a single digital community all those Barca fans we have around the world and strengthening their sense of belonging to FC Barcelona."

Rodrigo Figueroa Reyes, the founder and CEO of FiReSPORTS, has also praised the project for allowing the team to connect with their fans.

Rodrigo said in a statement: "Barca Games will become a dream for the most important brands in the world because it will allow them to connect with one of the most complex and difficult audiences to reach, via creative, sophisticated and unique formats from the world-famous FC Barcelona."

Barca Games forms an important part of the club's long-term plan to reach new audiences and a new generations of fans.

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