The first gameplay footage of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain has popped up online, and shows how difficult it is to do anything when you wake up from a nine-year coma.

When Hideo Kojima officially announced MGS5 at GDC yesterday, he did so with a lengthy trailer and a brief gameplay demonstration. Now you too can see not only what the Fox Engine is capable of doing, but get a look at the earliest parts of the next game in the Metal Gear saga.

The demo picks up a short time after Snake has awoken from his nine-year coma. The hospital is apparently under attack from mysterious forces, and a bandaged man named Ishmael is the only person left to help you escape. Thing is, after being bed-ridden for nearly a decade, a lot of Snake's muscles have atrophied. The man can't walk. The slow army crawl to freedom is the only way out alive, so that's just what happens in the game.

We won't spoil the events of the footage (it's best if you check it out for yourself), but there are definitely a lot of questions raised by what happens in these six quick minutes. Kojima has always been a master at hiding details in his teases. Take a look at the gameplay, and let us know what you think is happening, and what clues you can discover about what's really going on in Phantom Pain.