If Morgan Freeman has taught us anything, it's that penguins are supposed to march everywhere. But don't tell that to Sam the Penguin! This little guy prefers to slide. And he needs your help to do so. Give him a hand in Sliding Sam -- today's Free App of the Day!

In Sliding Sam, you need to help Sam the penguin join up with his cute girlfriend penguin. Use your finger to draw the lines on which Sam will slide to reach her. Use your agility and the physics of the game to avoid the obstacles, take the boosts and get a kiss as a reward!

Sliding Sam is a charming puzzle-platformer that is full of plenty of original line-drawing puzzles. The game owes a lot to other titles, such as Cut the Rope or Crayon Physics, but still manages to come across as unique.

Download yourself a copy of Sliding Sam today for your iPhone and iPad.

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