A solo developer has stepped forward to bring an impressive looking, procedurally generated adventure game to PS4.

Noel Berry is a solo developer who helped bring Skytorn to life. He worked on this game in Vancouver as his friends at IndieHouse worked on Towerfall Ascension and Night in the Woods. Shovel Knight isn't the only stellar platformer who fights with a shovel, Skytorn's protagonist, Nevoa, is armed with one as well. The difference is that Skytorn is procedural generated, so nothing will ever be the same, even if you play the same area twice.

Nevoa must roam the shattered lands, dig through the dirt and fight off all kinds of creatures in order to help the survivors of the world scrounge up supplies and technology. The people of the world are trying to undo the cataclysmic event everything, and it's up to Nevoa to do it.

While no launch window has been revealed, you can expect Skytorn for the PlayStation 4.