According to a recent update posted on the Official Elder Scrolls Twitter (via Eurogamer), Skyrim update 1.9 is now available on Xbox Live.

Patch 1.9 essentially does away with the level 81 cap. Instead, you can simply raise skills to 100, use the Book of Waking Dreams to turn it into a Legendary skill (which resets to 15), and level it up over and over and over again. You are refunded all the perk points you put into the skill and every single time you level the skill to 100 again, you’ll gain another character level. Each new character level comes with a new perk and ability point.

Further tweets on the Elder Scrolls Twitter have revealed that they plan on releasing patch 1.9 for the PS3 later today as well. Together with the ability to infinitely level up your character, patch 1.9 introduces a brand new Legendary difficulty which lets you make the most use out of your now ultra-powerful skills and abilities.

Now if you'll excuse us, we've got some leveling-up to do.