Next month Activision will release an iOS bundle for Skylanders: Battlegrounds, complete with action figures and a Bluetooth-powered portal that will let you transfer your characters across different versions.

Seeking to continue the successful momentum of Skylanders: Cloud Patrol, yet still wanting to explore new territory, Battlegrounds will build upon Cloud Patrol's target-tapping foundation to incorporate more RPG game play elements.

According to a post over at Joystiq, Activision mobile VP Greg Canessa said fans could expect a, "console-like, action-RPG" that features, "real-time arena combat."

Developer Vicarious Visions will also extend the Skylanders brand to another game genre with the resource-management title Skylanders: Lost Islands, to be released later in November.

All Skylander games will utilize Activate - a new mobile platform from Activision. With the new service you will be able to log in with Facebook and have your characters uploaded into the cloud.

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