Activision has decided to follow the flight path of Rovio and the Angry Birds by expanding its Skylanders license to all kinds of merchandise.

Those little Skylanders figurines are going to be setting up shop in supermarkets, comic shops and bookstores in the near future now that Activision Blizzard, Inc. has announced that its Toys-to-Life franchise is extending its licencing to fruit snacks, cereals, coloring books, magazines and comic books. In terms of food goods, General Mills will be making, producing and shipping Skylanders-themed fruit snacks and boxes of cereal. Immediate Media will be making an ongoing Skylanders magazine. IDW (of 'Transformers,' 'X-Files' and 'Ghostbusters' comic fame) will be publishing Skylanders monthly comic book series. For the children, Crayola will be creating Skylanders coloring books.

General Mills will be making Skylanders-themed Fruit by the Foot, Gushers and a few other fruit-flavored snacks. The company is also planning to create yogurt cups and Go-Gurt flavors with the series' characters on its packages.

"From a global branding perspective, this has been a remarkable year for the Skylanders franchise," said Ashley Maidy, vice president of global licensing and partnerships at Activision. "We are delighted that many of the world's leading brands are collaborating with us on meaningful programs that let our fans engage with the Skylanders brand in ways that didn't exist three years ago."

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