Daredevil (no not the Marvel kind) Travis Pastrana is here to introduce vehicular gameplay to the Skylands in this debut trailer for Skylanders SuperChargers.

Activision has finally announced its next Skylanders expansion, SuperChargers. Skylanders' toys-to-life gameplay will grow with the addition of vehicles to the universe. These rides will let you travel by land, sea and air. Of course, this also means there's an entire new line of toys for you to collect that will let you scan these new vehicles into your game's portal. There are also 20 new SuperCharger heroes that have all kinds of new moves and attacks that'll help you take on Kaos. Debuting alongside these SuperChargers will be 20 new vehicle toys for you to collect. These vehicles can be modded and upgraded. Pairing a SuperCharger with his or her signature vehicle will get you special in-game bonus. We should note that Skylanders SuperChargers supports all 300+ toys from throughout the series, so all of your previous heroes can get a ride if they want.

"Since first partnering with Activision to bring the original Skylanders Spyro's Adventure to our stores, we have believed whole-heartedly in the magic and innovation of this brand, as well as the company's ability to reimagine and redefine play experiences with the toys-to-life concept," said Richard Barry, Global Chief Merchandising Officer, Toys"R"Us, Inc. "With each new introduction, Activision never disappoints its highly loyal fans of the franchise, and we are thrilled to continue to offer the broadest assortment of all Skylanders merchandise, including the newly introduced Skylanders SuperChargers."

Skylanders SuperChargers will launch on Sept. 20 for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, PC and Nintendo 3DS. SuperCharger Starter Packs can now be pre-ordered for $74.99. The Starter Pack will feature two new Skylanders figures, a new vehicle, the SuperChargers game and a redesigned Portal of Power.

"We created the toys-to-life category and have continued to lead it by bringing new innovations and new magic to the genre with each and every game. First we brought action figures to life, and now we're bringing vehicles to life with Skylanders SuperChargers," said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, Inc. "We love making these games because in order to do it well, you have to constantly tap into your inner kid. What kid hasn't imagined epic vehicles with amazing powers and dreamed about the adventures they could have with them? Skylanders SuperChargers makes those dreams real."

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