'Skate' is set to release on Steam.

The sandbox skating game, which is developed and produced by Electronic Arts (EA), has not received a new title since 'Skate 3' in 2010. Although 'Skate 4' does not have a confirmed release date yet, gamers are due to have a new way to play the classic title soon.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter) the official 'Skate' account posted: "What are you going to play skate. on?

"In addition to the platforms already confirmed, we are stoked to announce skate. Will be available on Steam for PC players."

According to Insider Gaming, playtesting for 'Skate 4' is due to be taking place soon, which indicates that the title may be releasing later in 2024.

The publication has claimed that several gamers have received invites from EA, that will allow the users to playtest the game for six weeks from 6 February at 10 AM PT to 19 March at 5 PM PT.

The email read: "In order to join us in San Vansterdam and get a very early look at the core features of 'Skate' … you must register using the link below.

"As you complete your registration, you can invite up to three friends and sign up for EA Playtesting and be registered to play along with you in this playtest.

"This playtest will give you a glimpse into where we're heading. Your feedback is highly valued by the team and will give us insight on how to shape the game."

The email also allegedly stated that players would only be able to access the title through PC, but can only use controllers from Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles, or Sony's PlayStation 4 or 5 devices.

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