Sony has reportedly set a September 12th, 2014 release date for another Resident Evil film sequel from Paul W.S. Anderson, and starring Mila Jovovich.

The news comes from ShockTillYouDrop, who believe Sony and Screen Gems will move forward with production on the sixth Resident Evil film this fall. Paul W.S. Anderson had previously stated he had an idea for the sixth film, so it is likely he and wife Mila Jovovich (who plays protagonist Alice), will return once more.

The last sequel, Resident Evil: Retribution, pulled in $221 million at the worldwide box office, which was apparently enough for Sony to go ahead an greenlight another entry. Never a critical darling, the mindless action flicks have little to do with the video game franchise, as the familiar monsters and characters appear only for fans to point at and recognize.

Plot details are slim at the moment. We'd say it picks up on themes and storylines developed in the last few movies, but then we'd have had to watch them.