Sometimes, a translation isn't even necessary to enjoy a good import.

GungHo Online Entertainment has announced on the PlayStation Blog that it will be porting over six Japanese PSone classics to the PlayStation Network. Obviously, most gamers in the west can't read Japanese. The studio openly claims that some of these titles are more "import-friendly" than others and that there is still enjoyment to be had even if you don't know the lingo.

The easiest of these titles to play would likely be Dragon Beat Legend of Pinball, because most of its need-to-know text was already designed in English. Of course, pinball doesn't really need that many translations to begin with. Neo Planet is a detailed space-flight simulator where you must terraform a new planet to become humanity's second Earth. The game itself is comprised of a lot of Japanese text, so we must suggest this one for Japanese-reading players only.

Sarara's Little Shop has you taking control of a traditional RPG item shop where you must make financial decisions and try to earn a profit while outfitting would-be adventurers. Since it's a simulation game featuring many RPG components, we recommend only those fluent in Japanese to try Sarara's Little Shop. Another pair of Kanji-filled games, Heroine Dream 1-2 are old school RPGs that also require a high amount of skill with the Japanese language. As with GungHo Online Entertainment's previous releases, these six PSone imports will be priced at $5.99 each on the PlayStation Network.

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