Sir Paul McCartney once hummed the 'Super Mario Bros' theme tune back to its composer.

The Beatles legend, 81, appeared to be rather taken with the six-note jingle used for the hit video gaming franchise and just one year on from its release in 1986, he hummed it back its composter Koji Kondo when he requested that he come backstage to meet him and his wife Linda.

Koji had already been inspired by a number of famous songs to create the famous theme tune, including that of 'Imagine' by Paul's late bandmate John Lennon and hailed the 'Hey Jude' rocker's ability to instantly recite his work back to him as an "incredible moment".

He told The Washington Post: "I was just like, ‘That’s a famous song, that’s a more famous song, that’s an even more famous song. The more I looked, the more I realized all of these are incredibly well-known songs."

Earlier this month, Kondo became the only video game composer ever inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame, at the industry’s DICE Summit in Las Vegas.

Reflecting on his time working for Nintendo, he said: "I was the first composer hired at Nintendo during my time, and there was one other composer. We basically just took turns making whatever was in development. They would come to us and say, ‘Hey we’ve got this game, you make it.’ It just happened to be my turn in the rotation when they were developing ‘Super Mario.’

"When the game was in the appropriate stage, I was able to play itI would think to myself, ‘This is a water stage. You know, I think a waltz would be nice here.’ So I was really able to create freely with what I thought would go for what was happening on the screen."

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