Konami has released a massive batch of downloadable content for Silent Hill Book of Memories for the PlayStation Vita.

A Vita exclusive, Book of Memories allows players to relive their memories as presented by a mysterious book in order to change the present. It's quite different from the more standard survival horror stylings of previous Silent Hill games.

The new DLC just released will beef up the game's content quite a bit, presenting players with 10 new characters (old Silent Hill protagonists), 50 new costumes (creepy nurses, anyone?), and 15 new accessories. In addition to the cosmetic changes, there are 14 new artifacts, 15 new weapons, and 15 new story notes to enhance your playthrough. You'll also find two new enemies, as well as four new trophies to unlock. The DLC is currently available on the PlayStation Store for $4.99.

You can check out some screenshots of the new content below, and let us know which Silent Hill was your favorite in the comments.