Several new updates to the recently released Shootmania Storm have just been announced. The game has only been out for a week or so, and it’s already getting new content? Now that’s dedication. Kudos Ubisoft/Nadeo.

Via Capsule Computers, the first new update comes in the form of a brand new game mode called Combo. Combo splits you up into teams of two, and tasks you with killing other teams of two at the same time. Kills don’t count unless both players are dead, and still living teams will be able to share their weapons and other pickups between each other. Area of effect weapons will serve you well in this game mode.

Along with this new mode, a new weapon has also been added to the Shotmania Storm arsenal. The weapon is called the Arrow, a projectile that fires, appropriately enough, like an arrow. What that means is, the weapon has significant dropoff, low projectile speed, and fires in an arc. However, unlike a normal arrow it explodes into a heaving hitting area of effect attack when it reaches its location. It’s a perfect weapon for use against Combo mode teams that like to clump up into tight groups.