At E3 2014, Ubisoft has revealed its Kinect-based fitness game, Shape Up.

This live E3 demonstration of Ubisoft's Shape Up shows the company's attempt to do an exercise game similar to Nintendo's Wii Fit. In particular, Shape Up uses the Kinect's camera to encourage a variety of calisthenics in order to burn as many calories as you can. As Ubisoft's employees demonstrated, Shape Up will have you doing many exercises to maximize your burn.

In one of its exercises, Shape Up will use the Kinect camera to put you on your TV screen, with four piano keys below your character's feet. Similar to Dance Dance Revolution, you will have continuous commands flow up the screen which you must dance to in accordance to the rhythm of the song. In particular, this upbeat version of "Eye of the Tiger" looked to be quite fun. Ubisoft has also posted trailers featuring the other exercises that will help get you cut.

Be ready to squat, push-up and dance your way to a level of 'Hip Hop Abs' when Shape Up launches this November for Xbox One.