This new action RPG has just become available via Steam Early Access.

Games Farm and bitComposer have announced that Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is now available for Steam Early Access. The Early Access version of Heretic Kingdoms offers the entire first chapter of the game along with 10 different maps, two different protagonists and the first boss fight.

Throughout this Early Access phase, expect voiced dialogue, a crafting system, additional quests, new playable characters and more items to be added. Shadows features both a Shadow Realm and a Mortal Realm where every character you can play as has a different storyline. Your personal decisions in the game matter since Karma plays a factor across both realms.

During its first week of availability via Early Access, Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms' regular price of $39.99 has been slashed down to $27.99. We expect Heretic Kingdoms' full PC release sometime in the fourth quarter of 2014.