Zojoi, the creator of the original Shadowgate, is re-envisioning the classic point-and-click adventure game for modern audiences. Today a new trailer emerged, showing players how not to play Shadowgate.

The trailer depicts the myriad ways players can be killed while playing Shadowgate. Just like in the 1988 Macintosh version and subsequent releases, one wrong decision can spell instant death for adventurers who attempt to solve the mysteries of Shadowgate. The trailer shows players dying from dragon fire, falling rocks, wraith attacks, collapsing bridges and sea monsters, followed by a slight paraphrasing of the game’s classic end-of-game text, “Tis a sad thing that your adventures have ended here.”

Zojoi’s remake of Shadowgate is the result of a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $135,000, thanks to almost 3,500 backers. The remake will feature an enhanced version of the original game, with all new graphics and sound, as well as new challenges and re-worked versions of the original puzzles. A retro version will also be included, eschewing modern visuals for pixelated graphics and bringing back composer Rich Douglas’ iconic original chip-tune soundtrack. Shadowgate is set for an Aug. 21 release on Steam, iOS and Android platforms.