The latest trailer for the Shadow Warrior reboot lists some of the game's most under-appreciated features. Who knew that advanced fish physics could be so impressive?

Devolver Digital's reimagining of the classic Shadow Warrior game will put us in Lo Wang's katana-wielding shoes once more. The series is getting a complete makeover, presenting the action with beautiful HD, next-gen graphics. But what other features will Shadow Warrior boast to make the game a truly unique experience?

According to the video, it will feature the following:

  • Brutal Katana Combat
  • Explosive Gunplay
  • Excessive Fireworks
  • Fully Destructible Bicycles
  • Optional Katana Maintenance
  • Tasteful Product Placement
  • Stylish Nostalgia
  • Advanced Fish Physics
  • Next-Gen Tree Sway
  • Gratuitous Sex
  • Shameless Cross Promotion
  • and last but not least, Laser Guided Trolling
Watch the video above and look out for Shadow Warrior to hit PCs on Sept. 26. You can pre-order here to get 15% off your purchase, as well as an exclusive in-game katana.

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