Tactical Simulations Interactive's debut role-playing game, Seven Dragon Saga, is shaping up to pay tribute to the pen-and-pad RPGs of yesteryear.

Stratetgic Simulations Interactive (SSI) was a developer known for its wargames along with the Dungeons & Dragons and Panzer General series on PC. SSI alumni David Shelley and Keith Brors have formed TSI to continue making games the way they have been doing so since the 1980s. Seven Dragon Saga is TSI's debut RPG and contains lots of traditional tropes of the genre, but it also seeks to change things around.

Seven Dragon Saga has you uniting a group of powerful adventurers to determine the fate of the world. You assemble your party right from the beginning. This party will partake in turn-based, tactical combat with some modern changes. Outside of combat, expect to make some heavy decisions where the lines of good and evil have been blurred.

Built on the Unity3D engine, we expect to play Seven Dragon Saga sometime in 2015 exclusively on PC.

Tactical Simulations Interactive