After Valentine's Day, you can blast your way past all that lovey-dovey stuff by hopping in the cockpit with The Game Atelier's Sela the Space Pirate! Next Friday, this title will hit the App Store, bringing along with it a lighter take on the bullet-hell shooter genre. Wait, what? How is that even possible?

Instead of the minimalist brutality of something like Ikaruga, you will get a more colorful presentation, with fun characters and dialogue. In the game, Sela is not searching for space riches, like what a good pirate is usually up to. Instead, she must battle wave after wave of insect monsters that have come from the interior of an exploded meteor.

Helping her along the way is her robot pal Botte, who knows his way around a laser or two. Sela the Space Pirate has 30 action-packed levels, that are full of the Three Bs that are essential to all games of this genre -- bosses, bullets and blasting.

Check out the trailer below: