Back in 2009, SEGA released an unadorned, mostly straight-up port of Sonic The Hedgehog for iOS. If you never gave it a try, you can tell from the picture above that it was hastily done and you were probably better off just digging out your old Genesis. But no longer!

SEGA has just announced that they will be releasing a major update to that Sonic port, which will overhaul the game, bringing it to a cruising speed of 60 frames per second. In large part, this will be due to the use of a new engine under the hood.

The clunky, unappealing on-screen controls will be history as well. After you update the game, there will be a much more streamlined virtual joystick, along with a jump button in the corner, leaving much more screen real estate to enjoy the game.

If you already have it, then it's like you will be getting a new game for free. But if you want to nab it now, Sonic The Hedgehog is just waiting for you to pick up.