Sega executive Shuji Utsumi wants to revive the company's other major franchises following the success of the 'Sonic the hedgehog' films.

The Japanese video game developed has enjoyed two box office hits with the 2020 'Sonic the Hedgehog' film and the 2022 sequel - both of which starred Jim Carrey as villain Dr. Robotnik with Ben Schwartz voicing the titular speedster - with a third movie set for release in December 2024.

The popularity of the movies has led to new games 'Sonic Frontiers' and 'Sonic Superstars', and now Utsumi has teased that Sega will be re-launching other IPs.

In an interview with CNBS, he said: "We just revived Sonic in a big way, not only through games but also remember movies and TV shows, and actually Sonic is in 'Roblox' too, and we’re working closely now with Lego, so now Sonic is reviving.

"We have other major IPs and also, I cannot say too much about it, but we are thinking of reviving other classic Sega IPs too.

"Right now, there are two big IPs other than Sonic. One is Persona. We are introducing two Personas this year. And also, our Yakuza title. I mean, Yakuza is really unique, but that big one is also coming next year too, so be ready."

The new 'Yakuza' title is 'Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth', while remake 'Persona 3 Reload' is scheduled for release in 2024.

Over the decades Sega has been responsible for iconic games series like 'Golden Axe', 'Streets of Rage', 'Afterburner', 'ESWAT', 'Virtua Fighter' among many more.

Utsumi also dismissed rumours of a Microsoft takeover of Sega - which merged with pachinko machine manufacturer Sammy Corporation in 2003.

He said: "Many companies are interested. We feel honoured.

"We have attractive IPs and potentials. Companies owned by the owner. A strong owner. I don’t think that kind of transaction is going to happen."

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