Sega have plans to revive some of their classic franchises to give fans more mature titles.

The tech conglomerate appeared at The Gaming Awards last week (07.12.23) where they confirmed that their adult titles 'Jet Set Radio', 'Streets of Rage’, ‘Golden Axe’, ‘Shinobi' and ‘Crazy Taxi’ would be receiving reboots.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Sega co-chief operating officer and Sega of America CEO Shuji Utsumi explained that the company wanted to cater to all audiences with their titles.

He said: “We really want to show edginess and a rebellious mindset.

“The concept of games like ‘Jet Set Radio’ is advanced. The original creators are involved again, and its time is now.

“It’s a good time where people can appreciate all kinds of concepts.”

Shuji was then asked if Sega would consider reviving other popular franchises, such as ‘Virtua Fighter’, to which the CEO revealed they were “evaluating” it.

He said: “We are evaluating right now. 'Virtua Fighter’ doesn’t use so many tricks, special moves like in ‘Street Fighter’ it’s very realistic. How can we make it more dramatic? It’s something we’re working on.”

Finally, the Sega boss credited the success of the ‘Sonic’, ‘Persona’ and ‘Yakuza’ franchises for holding up the company in recent years.

He said: “We’ve been investing into these three titles the last three years, making these pillars grow, and they grew very well.

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