As a form of curtain call for small packs of downloadable content, Volition and Deep Silver have dropped five pieces of DLC for Saints Row 4. Just when we thought it could not get any more over-the-top, Saints Row 4 had to deliver.

The Bling Bling Pack will help you make it rain as you shoot cash at your enemies to kill them and turn corpses to gold. Hey, you have got to spend money to make money. The Game On Pack will depict alien vs. hockey technology where you can attack an ice rink's Zamboni with an alien space hover vehicle (be on the look out for other sports-related weapons and vehicles in the Game On Pack, like golf clubs and carts).

The College Daze Pack will bring things back to the golden, wild days of 'Animal House', where bra hats, beer helmets and barstool racers are a necessity. Beer pong skills are definitely going to be clutch here. Showing off the winners of Saints Row 4's recent community contest, the Reverse Cosplay Pack features the Freckle B*tch's Delivery outfit and the Genki Space Pimp outfit.

These DLC packs are now available for the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Saints Row 4. Those hoping to try them out on PlayStation 3 will have to wait one more week. The Game On Pack, College Daze DLC and Bling Bling Pack will sell for $2.99 each, whereas GameStop's fan-made Polarizer weapon will cost $0.99 and the Reverse Cosplay pack is free to download for all formats.