The oft-delayed and mysterious Final Fantasy Versus 13 may still be in development, but a new report points to some surprising changes for the RPG.

Originally slated to arrive as part of the Fabula Nova Chrystallis series (the banner under which all the Final Fantasy 13 games fall), Final Fantasy Versus 13 has been teased numerous times, but never fully revealed beyond some minor gameplay and rendered footage. Square Enix sent out mixed messages as to whether or not the game still existed over the past few years, but it would the company had reason to do so.

According to VGLeaks, Square is reportedly ditching the Fablua Nova Chrystallis connection, and will turn FF Versus 13 into Final Fantasy 15. To make things even more interesting, the franchise will go back to being a Sony exclusive, and will only be available on the PlayStation 4. The reason? Sony is actually helping co-develop the latest entry.

Square Enix did show up at the PlayStation 4 announcement event, but didn't have anything new to show off. However, the company did promise to have more news at E3. Could Final Fantasy 15 (nee Versus 13) make its triumphant return/debut at this E3? It's entirely possible, but we won't know what's really going on for another few months.