The second wave of Nintendo's amiibo line is off to a rocky start as another figure becomes a retailer exclusive.

The Rosalina & Luma amiibo figure is going to be exclusive to Target, according to Destructoid. With Meta Knight as a Best Buy exclusive, Lucario going to Toys R Us and Shulk only at GameStop, we legitimately feel bad for all the amiibo collectors out there. We have a feeling trying to buy Rosalina on Target's website will be tough due to her exclusivity when she debuts in February.

Destructoid also reports that the second wave of amiibo figures is off to a rocky start. Zelda, Little Mac and Diddy Kong are currently available, but Luigi, Pit and Captain Falcon are nowhere to be found, expected to launch sometime next week. Reports indicate that Pit is going to be rare, while Little Mac is the new Marth -- good luck trying to find that fan favorite. If you see a Little Mac amiibo on a store shelf, consider yourself lucky.

The third amiibo series will debut in February and includes Toon Link, Bowser, Mega Man, Sonic and more.