Nintendo issued a huge "just kidding" today on its previous statement that certain amiibo figures would only be produced in small quantities.

While Nintendo seems to quite enjoy using phrases such as "possibly" and "in the future," it tentatively admitted that it may have spoken a little too hastily when saying that it would only produce one round of the lesser popular amiibo figures, such as Marth, Wii Fit Trainer and Villager. Personally, we think that Nintendo realized that some of its less available figures were selling for upwards of $70 on aftermarket websites and their pupils dilated into dollar signs.

In an official statement to Polygon, a Nintendo representative said the following:

Some amiibo were very popular at launch, and it is possible that some amiibo in the United States, Canada and Latin America may not be available right now due to high demand and our efforts to manage shelf space during the launch period. Certain sold-out amiibo may return to these markets at a later stage. We are continually aiming to always have a regular supply of amiibo in the marketplace and there are many waves of amiibo to come.

So if you were looking forward to purchasing one of the previously mentioned short-stock amiibos, such as Marth, Villager or Wii Fit Trainer, you may not actually have to spend $70 to do so.

Nevertheless, the big question is: if Nintendo can make more of these amiibo figures, why isn't it making more Wii U GameCube adapters?