Rockstar was keen to create a zombie game before it was shelved.

The studio, best known for their work on the 'Grand Theft Auto' (GTA) and 'Red Dead Redemption' series, were planning to shift away from the sandbox-shooter-style that GTA has become synonymous with, in favour of a zombie survival game.

In a now-deleted blog post, former Rockstar North developer Obbe Vermeji revealed that the studio was once planning to create a survival game set on an isolated Scottish island using the assets of 'GTA: Vice City'.

He wrote that the studio were keen on the idea because "artists like zombies. Not sure why that it."

Obbe then explained that the player would be trapped on a remote Scottish island, and would have to fend off against continuous hoards of the living dead.

According to the developer, the player would constantly need to move around the map to make it through the game, with fuel for vehicles being a crucial resource.

Obbe lamented that the game was never made, and claimed some involved cited they believed the project would be "too depressing", and instead put their efforts into making 2004's 'GTA: San Andreas', which is widely-regarded to be one of the studio's best titles ever.

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