No amount of lighters or chants will bring Rock Band back from oblivion. The last of their weekly song updates is finished and the game will be slipping in to a quiet retirement of a rock star with tinnitus.

With the release of Don McLean's American Pie, Harmonix finally closed the final chapter on the Rock Band legacy. Many of us can remember when Guitar Hero was the must have game, but Rock Band blew away the competition by providing the whole musical experience. With drums and vocals added to the mix, Rock Band was the ultimate music game.

From 2007 to the present, Rock Band encompassed hundreds of titles. You could even play some of the most iconic songs by the Beatles. It was a phenomenal run, but the game will now slip into the quiet twilight of rock and roll history. The creators of the title send it off right with a heartfelt farewell video you can check out below. Will you miss Rock Band?