Shooting off-screen won't help to reload when you're busted by the cops for robbing a young woman with a PlayStation light gun.

The Brazilian news site G1 (via Kotaku) reports that two men were arrested this past weekend for robbing a young woman in Itanhaem, Brazil with a light gun. That's right, one of those plastic, flimsy guns used to shoot video game baddies on a TV screen was used in a robbery. Two adult males (they names were not disclosed to the public by Brazilian police) were apprehended for multiple robberies in the Itanhaem area where witnesses and victims report seeing them brandishing a firearm.

After being caught, the police realized that the weapon had a PlayStation logo emblazoned on the side of it — it was actually the original Namco GunCon peripheral, the model used for the PS-One. The men broke the end off of the GunCon and wrapped it up in black electrical tape in order to make it look a bit more realistic (you can check out the evidence in the picture provided below). The men were apprehended for robbing the woman and a stealing the cell phone of a man a short distance away from the first incident. We should note that it's illegal to sell/import toys that resemble guns in Brazil. North America's PS-One GunCon was painted in an orange and grey color scheme so it wouldn't be confused to be a weapon. The black version was released in Japan, where firearms are illegal (and they have as few as two gun-related homicides a year throughout the entire country).

The only Time Crisis these guys have to worry about are the lengths of their prison sentences.

G1 / Namco