According to a recent interview with Modojo, Myst co-creator Rand Miller revealed that Riven will soon be lighting up many an iPad screen. For those of us that have found ourselves lost in those atmospheric puzzle worlds, this is most welcome news.

This version of Riven will include a few new features and improvements over the original. In addition to some of these new features, there will be an overall more polished look that will likely fit right in with its new home on the sleek iPad.

According to Miller:

We have reduced the compression of the original images, we've improved the movies and animations, we've cleaned up the user interface, we've improved the sound and music presentation, and we've added a few small new features.

Riven and Myst have both been around on the iPhone for awhile now. But the gorgeous, immersive visuals in these games are really meant for the iPad.

We hoped that the release of realMyst earlier this year would offer an opportunity for the iPhone version of Myst to be folded into an iPad version. But so far, you still have to hit that dreary old expand button if you want to play. If that's any indication, there will likely be separate versions with Riven as well.

Look for the game to be available in the next couple of weeks.