Here is the newest character to join the multiplayer online battle arenas of League of Legends, Kalista.

Riot Games has revealed Kalista, The Spear of Vengeance, being added into League of Legends, Kalista is a specter whose Black Spear item bounds her soul to an allied champion (if the other player agrees). Kalista requires some good communication and cooperation from your teammates. We suggest using Ventrilo for teams using this character. Kalista works best from the backlines of combat while using Sentinel to keep an eye out for any rogue enemies. She particularly works will with Leona, Janna and Malphite and has trouble against Ezreal, Zyra and Master Yi.

There's no word on when Kalista will actually be a playable character, but her ability to easily reposition herself after each attack will definitely be a help while fighting all the other champions.

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