For many iOS gamers, it's been awhile since we finished playing our ported versions of Beneath a Steel Sky and we could use another noir-ish cyperpunk thriller on our phones. That's where game maker Joshua Nuernberger factors in to things. Nuernberger's award-winning indie sci-fi adventure game Gemini Rue, which has been delighting PC gamers and Steam users for the past few years, is on its way to iOS!

Thanks to Wadjet Eye Games, Gemini Rue will be hitting the App Store this spring. We don't have much information to go on just yet, but so long as we are still stepping in to the gumshoes of former assassin turned law enforcer Azriel Odin, things should be just fine.

In the game, Odin sets out on a quest to find his brother Nathaniel, who's got himself into trouble. Like with any good sci-fi noir, there's plenty dames, daring, and dashing that's in store. And it's all set in the future! Fracking sweet.

There's no hard release date yet for the iOS release of Gemini Rue, but we'll be sure to let you all know as soon as we find out.

Check out the trailer below: