Hoping to play Retro City Rampage on the Wii U? Its lead designer explains why it's not going to happen.

Brian Provinciano, the designer of Retro City Rampage, recently revealed on his game's official website that there is no Wii U port of RCR in the works. Based on the obvious retro-style graphics of the game, making a Wii U version of Rampage would be trivial and not worth the time needed to make the port. The WiiWare version of the game accounts for only 1 percent of the game's total sales, and Provinciano admits that he gets more requests daily for RCR to come to Wii U than the number of people who got the WiiWare version. But thanks to the Wii U's backwards compatibility, you're still able to play RCR on the Wii U in Wii mode. Since Retro City Rampage has a 240p display, it doesn't even matter to try and do the game in HD -- it would look the same.

"Despite porting RCR to eight platforms (and several more which were never released), I must admit that it's not fun to do ports. I'd much rather be making new games than porting one repeatedly." Provinciano said. "There's much more involved than most realize (especially in the case of consoles). The paperwork and certification tacks on months of lead time alone, in most cases. It's not just about getting something up and running on the screen."

"It wouldn't be trivial and would take months from start to finish. In the end, it would be 95 percent identical to the WiiWare version."