Now that Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson are going to be done with the 'Resident Evil' movie series, its production company intends on bringing it home, to TV that is.

Variety reports that Germany's top movie company, Constantin Film, is starting to focus more on television and intends to make a Resident Evil spin-off series. Constantin Film is also doing a spin-off series based on the 'Mortal Instruments' series since the first movie didn't do well enough at the box office to warrant a theatrical sequel. Martin Moszkowicz, an executive board chairman of Constantin Film, confirmed this information at the launch of his company's 'Shades of Guilt' series at the Mipcom TV market in Cannes, France. Constantin Film already has a ton of experience in TV production, with roughly half of its projects consisting of television shows and the other half being full-length movies.

“We are increasing our TV activities substantially both in Germany and internationally,” Moszkowicz said, citing a focus on fictional TV shows. “Constantin has a lot of feature film brands and we are moving them into television."

Moszkowicz claims that Resident Evil would get a television series after Paul W.S. Anderson finished directing what he claims to be his final entry of the series and after Constantin finishes producing its 'Perfume' film after that.

While no other information about the series was revealed, we really hope that the Resident Evil TV series stays true to its source material and excludes all the unnecessary additions Anderson's teams made to the movies, such as focusing on clones, telepathy and a worldwide apocalypse (Las Vegas being swallowed up by the desert, really?). Just give us zombies, bio-organic weapons, a shotgun and some cool characters with odds against them.